Looking Forward to 2018

Looking Forward to 2018

On Sunday, January 21st we had our annual Church meeting. We got a share a meal together and spent some time fellowshipping. After eleven years of being a church, it is a joy to see God’s faithfulness over that time.

A Look Back at 2017

We did hold the meeting part of the lunch. We looked back over 2017 and highlighted some of the areas that we saw God work. You can watch the slideshow here. One of the areas that we celebrated was the launch of our food pantry. Since the summer we have given food to hundreds of families in need. Our faithful team has built relationships with many of these families, and we are starting to see some of the fruit of that work. Another area of new ministry was the launch of the church app and the Daily Walk Devotion website. Over 150,000 people visited the website and almost to 600 people have downloaded the church app. Finally, our Elder Dave Morse reported that last year was one of our best years financially. We brought in $419,000 in income and only spent $379,000. That left us with a $40,000 net income for the year. Thank you for your faithful giving.

Something New in 2018

We are looking forward with anticipation to 2018. There are several initiatives in the works that we feel will better align us with God’s heart and increase the reach of the church.

1. Life Transforming Services

The first change that we are making is to our Sunday services. We want to see lives transformed through the worship, teaching, and times of prayer at the Altar. Many times we have opened up the altars for prayer after the message and a few people come forward. We have decided to move our altar prayer time to the last song in the worship, right before the message. We are also going to move the communion to the same place on the second Sunday of the month. Both of these will eliminate the rush to go home and receive what God has for us. With a focused time of worship, prayer, and teaching we feel we will see more lives transformed.

2. An Inviting Church

The second change we are making is to emphasize being an inviting church. People come to our church in two ways; First is by searching the internet, and second is by being invited by a friend or family member. We had one of our largest Christmas Eve’s last year, and 95{93dd585dfb1b25c3542cc463429abacd8aa68776b88bc23ae3ad5ac553b90029} of the visitors came because they knew someone. That is incredible! We want to grow in that by creating a welcoming atmosphere for our services. That means each person needs to reach out to those who are new to the church. Go beyond shaking their hand and ask them their name and some basic questions about them. Try to find a connection that will make them feel at home here.

3. Staff Changes

Over two years ago Debra Candelaria stepped into the role of Children’s director. Her love for the Village Kids has been evident for over ten years, and she transferred that into leading the whole ministry. With some life changes happening in her life she has decided to step down from that role. She will still volunteer like old times and remain the church bookkeeper. We are so thankful for her service.

With Debra leaving and the recent departure of Nico Parra, our youth director, the Elders have decided to take a different direction. Instead of hiring replacements for those departments we have decided to hire an associate pastor who will work with the youth, administrate the children’s ministry, and oversee several other areas. We didn’t have to look far because we have hired Jason Robert who has been with our church four years. He has been very involved in the children’s and men’s ministries and is very familiar with the mission of the church. He has worked at the prison for the last four years, and before that, he was in the Army. He brings a wealth of experience and passion to the position.

Finally, we have also hired a part-time receptionist. Cindy Pica comes to our staff after working at Alisal Ranch as a front desk person. She has a wonderful heart and lots of experience dealing with all types of situations.